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Are Boiling Water Taps A Good Option For Elderly People?

When using boiling water, safety is crucial. For elderly and vulnerable people, extra care must be taken to avoid nasty scalds and burns when handling kettles and pans of boiling water. The elderly – along with children – are the group most vulnerable to burns and the majority of injuries occur as a result of […]

INTU enables influencer to achieve her clutter-free kitchen dream

She explained: “Nobody wants busy kitchen countertops, so being able to ditch the kettle has been a god-send.” Linda also hailed its good looks, adding: “I immediately fell in love with the stylish contemporary design of the tap. It’s helped to create a really sleek aesthetic in the kitchen. “The finish is really stunning, enabling […]

The Perfect Temperature For A Brilliant Brew

The British have been drinking tea since the 1660s and we now guzzle more than 100 million cups every day*. But, we still can’t agree on HOW to make the perfect brew. At INTU we used science to settle the age old question of when you should add milk to your cuppa. By enlisting the […]

Brew Horizons: INTU Unveils The Ultimate Tea-Making Hack To Transform Your Cuppa

A simple tea-making hack is set to transform the taste of a cuppa for the 60 per cent of Britons whose brews are blighted by hard water. Devised by one of the nation’s foremost food scientists – alongside hot tap manufacturer INTU Boiling Water Taps – it promises to turbo-charge the tea-drinking experience for the […]

Why Kettles Are A Magnet For Germs In The Kitchen

The kettle is one of the most commonplace kitchen appliances in British homes.  Recent data shows 97% of households in the UK and Ireland own one*. Yet, despite this, a new study has shown that they are a breeding ground for bacteria.  The findings come as the coronavirus pandemic has made maintaining high levels of […]

Raising awareness on World Water Day

Today at INTU Boiling Water Taps we are marking World Water Day to help raise awareness on how we better conserve water. The theme of World Water Day 2021 is valuing water and how we can all take steps to safeguard this vital resource effectively for everyone. We all know that households need water to drink, […]

How To Style: Matt Black Tap

This past year has seen the home play an increasingly important role as Brits have been asked to do their bit by staying inside. And nowhere is this change more visible than in the kitchen. As restaurants, cafes and pubs have closed, people have relied heavily on the kitchen. It’s where the nation has been […]

How To Choose the Right Tap

On average, Brits spend three years of their life in the kitchen*. For many it is the beating heart of the home; where they entertain guests, cook for themselves, and eat with their families. The kitchen sink takes a starring role. From filling up the kettle to washing the dishes, the kitchen tap is vital […]

How Do Boiling Water Taps Work?

An increasing number of households are binning the kettle and reaping the benefits of a boiling water tap. They save precious time, help cut down on plastic waste and can be more cost effective in the long run. But how does a boiling water tap work? At INTU, we pride ourselves on our simple design. […]

Buying a boiling water tap: Your checklist

When buying a boiling water tap there are lots of things to consider, to ensure you get the right product for you. Our handy guide below details the things you should be looking out for on your search for the best product for your home. Not all Boiling Water Tanks are created equally and it’s […]